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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Little Flower

"The Little Flower" Copyright 2007 & Beyond Kasie Sallee
11"x14" Prismacolor on Black Stonehenge

~~I have decided to name this "The Little Flower." When I first started working on this, Dustin suggested that I draw her with a rose. I thought about it a while, but the more I thought, the more I realized that a dandelion was perfect. I told him my thoughts and he totally agreed.
~~This piece is a tribute to the spirit of little girls. Little girls see beauty in everything. What we adults see as a weed, they see as a beautiful flower; a spot of sunshine. Little girls are beauty themselves. They are innocent and sweet and haven't yet been bothered by what culture tries to tell them. They wear their tutus and play with matchbox cars. They aren't afraid to feel pretty, just the way they are. They don't yet worry about whether they're too fat or too skinny, too tall or too athletic. They simply are. Happy and free. I can remember that little girl. The one who carried her sketch pad everywhere and drew for the fun of it. The one who climbed trees and rode bikes all while wearing pretty pink hair ribbons. If I look deep inside, I can still see her.
~~So this is a tribute to little girls everywhere. May they keep that little girl spirit inside.

**I spent probably the last hour working to get the correct color on this and it's still not right. I know I keep saying that, but it's really a bit frustrating. The hair is darker and not so red. One of the wonderful things about colored pencils is that fact that they are transclucent. The layers work together to make a depth and richness of color that simply can't be put on the screen. My goal is to one day have a website and I'm learning that I'm going to have to get help with photographing my work.


Anonymous said...

WOW Kasie,
She is beautiful!! What a visual reminder of purity and innocence - something lost so early these days. I have a daughter too who I delight in watching every day. Although she's starting to become aware of how people react to her, she is still free within herself. What a wonderful thought to carry with us throughout the day. Thanks for the smile!!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

wow Kasie,
she is just gorgeous you have done a fantastic job.

the colours look great.. i understand what you mean tho about the colours .. have you tried photographing outside on a bright day ? or how about scanning ? i find these often make a big difference :)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! You did an excellent job. I love her expression and her curled little toes.

Jo Beaufoix said...

What a beautiful picture.

It reminds me of my little girls.

They love to pick daisies and wear tu-tus and well boots.

You are a very talented lady.

Shawn said...

It is perfect! A perfect little girl moment. I love the title, too. Keep creating ...