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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I need a favor. : )

~A couple of nights ago I played around with my blog and changed it to 3 columns instead of 2. I really liked the balance of 3. But I'm here tonight at my parent's house and my blog looks totally wonky on their computer. Only 2 columns show up. So I'm wondering if anyone out there is reading this, would you mind leaving me a comment and letting me know whether you see 2 or 3 columns? I'm not sure if it is just their computer. I would truly appreciate it.


Regula Scheifele said...

Hi Kasie,

I just found your blog through Nicole's blog.
I like the look of your blog, but it does look 'wonky' on my PC as well: there's one column / leftframe with the 'links' section left of the main frame (the one with the posts), and then there's another 'leftframe' (the one with your profile) at the very end of the page...
Ok, off to read your 'tagged' post...

Lisa B. said...

I see two columns. Links are on the right.

Go to where you can see snapshots of your blog on other computers. Mine doesn't even show up in IE 7!