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Monday, May 7, 2007


"Aidan" Copyright 2007 & Beyond Kasie Sallee

~~I wanted to give an update on the Baby Angel picture. My original post on this piece is Here.
I gave this piece to the couple last week. I was a little nervous about it. I was afraid that it might make them feel sad and that wasn't my intention at all.
~~Well, last Thursday they sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card and I started crying as soon as I read it. Everything just fell into place and the little angel had a name: Aidan.
~~Aidan's twin brother, Dylan, will be born sometime next month. They thanked me for giving Dylan a way to remember his brother and plan to hang it in his nursery. What made me cry was the fact that I was overwhelmed by the feeling that this piece truly had a purpose.
~~I'm nothing special and I've struggled with a lot of fears and doubts concerning my art. Up until this year. I can feel a change that is growing. This piece was a start in that change. When I heard this couple's story, I immediately had a picture in my mind and knew that I had to do it. So I ignored all my fears and began. I didn't know if the baby had been a girl or boy but as I started working on it, I just began feeling that it was a little boy. I began calling it a "he" and became pretty attached to him. So when I received the card and learned the little angel's name, I felt awestruck at how God had pulled it all together, and humbled (in a good way).
~~I think God gave the picture of that little angel as a gift to me too. To remind me to just create and have faith. To quit worrying about all the little things. My Hubby tells me that I think too much and he is right. It is the reason that I put off doing my art. I worry that I don't have a style yet. Or I don't know which direction to go. And all those thoughts just cloud the joy of creating.
~~ I've been reading some really inspiring blogs lately of all different types of artists. Kal Barteski puts creativity in every day and everything. Maggie Stiefvater encourages me to get my rear end in gear! Christine Kane says "My experience with courage is that the only way to find it is to test it. You have to just "leap" and see if the net appears! It usually does, you know?" Awesome! That is faith and I'm feeling inspired!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Kasie! What a gorgeous painting. (and, yes, ignoring fear is the best thing to do when it comes to creativity!)

camport said...

Oh wow. Saw your link on Kal's page, but I imagined scribbles and what I've been doing.

This is actual art. Beautiful, makes my throat tighten a little, art. What an awesome story to go along with it, it hits pretty close to home.

Nice work! Chrissy

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Wow Kasie, he is beautiful you did such a fantastic job. I remember you doing this one and i know for the couple it would mean so much. As someone who lost a baby myself that recognition of the one you lost is a very important thing to have. :)

I am also at a similar place with my art too and struggling to find a style this post puts it all in perspective :) Thanks and look forward to seeing more :)

Maggie Stiefvater said...

An amazing story and really a wonderful thing you did for them. Your hubby is, of course, 100% right. Mine says the same thing - the brain always gets in the way. Just do it! Hey, that would make a great slogan.

Darn, it's already taken. ;)

Keep up the wonderful work.