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Friday, April 13, 2007

Work in progress

~~Well, here is the pencil sketch for the piece I'm working on. Now, I know it looks very strange, especially her little face. It's actually not as harsh in real life. My scanner can be a bit wacky.
~~Colored pencil is not easy to erase. You can lift off a little but too much erasing will damage the paper. Also, I am planning to do this on black and it is almost impossible to erase. So, the first step for me is to make a detailed sketch in graphite. I do my sketch the same size that I plan the colored pencil drawing to be. The sketch works as a sort of "road map" for me where I can mark out shapes and shadows and also start checking on things like values. I can erase and fix it as much as I need. Then, when I am satisfied with the sketch, I use a transfer paper to transfer my "road map" to the art paper. I stayed up late last night working on this. I'm getting excited now because I'm getting ready to start my favorite part: the color!
~~I thought I would also share a masterpiece from an up-and-coming artist; Miss Sierra. Her work can currently be seen in the Sallee family home where it has a prominent place on the refridgerator. She is a master at drawing small animals, flowers, and insects and will be very happy to give autographs.

~~Have a wonderful day!

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