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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Needing Strength

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~~This is what I've been leaning on today. This week has been a little rough for me. I've been having some health problems that are really emotionally hard for me. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but it's frustrating to not have the strength that you need. I've always been this girl with so many ideas and thoughts and dreams inside and I get upset when my outward body isn't the strong girl that I want it to be. I'm just leaning on the fact that God is in control and He knows exactly what is going on. He has also promised to be my strength when I don't have enough on my own.
~~I've been working on my ballerina picture and I've decided to start over. There were just too many problems. The background was giving me fits and I got a bad dent and indention in the paper. I just decided to chalk it all up to lessons learned and start fresh. I still have the original sketch and I will just transfer it to a new fresh piece of paper. I'm actually kinda proud of myself for not being more upset about it. I learned a few things about how black paper reacts and also about not being a dingbat when carrying around your artwork. (thus the dent!)I've always been so afraid of making mistakes but, truly, they can only help me grow. Now, if I can just learn to be a little more patient with myself during this time. Maybe God is trying to grow me also.

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Anonymous said...

I tagged you...

Kasie, I'm so sorry you're having a hard time. Is it something that you have always had problems with?

Also, I'm sure once you see the finished result of your drawing you will be happy that you started over. It is amazing what you can do with pencil!