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Friday, April 20, 2007

Ann Kullberg Workshop

Ann Kullberg and I

~~I had the most wonderful time at the Ann Kullberg workshop. I'm telling you, if you're interested in learning colored pencil and have a chance to take one of her workshops, you definitely should. She is so kind and friendly and very willing to share her knowledge of colored pencil. I was kinda starstruck by her the whole time and yet she treated you like she had known you your whole life. The time just flew by. She is from Washington so we had fun teaching her our funny Oklahoma words.

Me, Brenda, & Ann

~~I also got to meet Brenda Carpenter in person. I had already met her online at Scribbletalk. It's an online forum for pencil artists. It was so fun to actually get to meet her in person. She is a sweetheart and an amazing colored pencil artist herself.
~~I came home to a sick little one, which made me feel terrible. I'm pretty sure it's another ear infection and we are going to the doctor this afternoon. Dustin and my Mom both say that they did wonderful while I was gone. Savannah just started running fevers the night before I came back. This morning she was saying, "Bug. In my ear. Bug." Poor girlie. So, it's off to the doctor again. (3rd time this month.)

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~Telah said...

HI. Found you blog-jumping. Wow! Your artwork is amazing! I wish I had just a bit of your talent. Have a good weekend!