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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photo shoot gone awry

I really should start painting still lifes. Why you ask? Because still lifes are, well…..still! Little munchkins, however, are the exact opposite of still. Still lifes don’t object to their picture being taken. Little munchkins refuse to have their picture taken without a bribe of a sucker or some other type of candy. Still lifes will stay in the exact pose that you put them in and let you take pictures to your heart’s content. Little munchkins move so quickly that even the sports setting of your camara has a hard time capturing them.
I’ve had an idea in mind for quite some time to do a portrait of our two girls. I’ve never even painted the youngest yet. So, today I got them both ready and took a mini photo shoot of sorts on our front porch. Oh my goodness! The baby hates her picture taken. She immediately turns and runs any time you get the camara out. The oldest loves her picture taken but it’s really a chore to get one picture without the “cheese grin.” So getting a good picture of the two of them is nearly impossible. They finally started sitting really still when they noticed an earthworm on the sidewalk. So in all of the better pictures they are looking down. I’m an artist, right? I’m supposed to be able to take anything and turn it into a beautiful work of art, right? (You can stop laughing now!) I’m thinking another photo shoot is in order.


Unknown said...

I like them looking down! Just name it "earthworm on the sidewalk!"


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

That's cute! It would be more true to how they really are. They're never still unless they are asleep, lol!